the Underneath is formed from a band triggered by a band where TAKA and MASATO belonged and a band where TAL,RYO,MASAKI belonged . And they started activity and released the first CD than an independent Indies label in 1997.

In 1998 X JAPAN HIDE found their talent quickly in those days by having caught eye of the LEMONed staff that was a X JAPAN HIDE's label. Their major debut was decided from the HIDE's label ,but HIDE was dead on May 2 and suspended a contract by their intention afterwards

In 1999, they decided a major debut by the strong demand of the company of HIDE.

On December 24, 2007, they contracted with the GLOBAL MANAGEMENT Company that was position office of X JAPAN member HEATH. They changed a band name "TRANSTICNERVE" with "the Underneath".
Because they want to develop their activity for world wide I announced the definite lay off as TRANSTIC NERVE in Web on December 30.

In the American tour "ROCKSTAR taste of CHAOS 2008" (38 34 North America city performances) that gave glory to a new opening scene of a play as the Underneath in 2008, they accomplished the first participation as a Japanese band. First album "MOON FLOWER" which they go at the same time with this tour in U.S.A. and released is exposed to big attention to an American J ROCK fan. And they appeared to large-scale convention "OTAKON 2008" held in State of Maryland Baltimore on August 8 as head liner and established the new position in the American Continent.

In Japan, it releases the album on July 23. They achieved costarring with the big game artists such as X JAPAN, LUNA SEA , T.M.Revolution, DJ OZMA ahead of album release in 「hide memorial summit」(Ajinomoto stadium). And the members of the J ROCK band which participated in「ROCKSTAR taste of CHAOS 」an planned and suggested it, they make a event「MUCC, D'espairsRay, the Underneath American syndrome」.. They worked on promotion hard. After their album release, they participated in autocratic live broadcasting and a large-scaled event(「D'ERLANGER presents ABSTINENCE'S DOOR #003, #004」、「MIX LEMONed JELLY 2008 feat. hide Birthday Party」)a lot, too. Furthermore, I worked on publicity such as a magazine or radio appearance.

In 2009, they participated for the charity event of the Hanshin Awaji great earthquake disaster, carry out a wide activity (Glitter vol.6 - earthquake disaster revival event), carry out a wide activity.
Before the release of the second album, autocrat live broadcasting that they play a some new song on March 14 and lower was decided.